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My work is a joyful exploration of themes of consumption, indulgence, and life's brevity within the intangible and the tangible - both in the medium and subject matter. I find immense joy in the magic of creating harmonious tapestries by layering and distorting through collage. My still life scenes aim to entice the viewer to reveal new meaning found in the manipulations of collage, at the intersection of digital imagery and fine art.

In my ongoing series, "Last Meal on Earth," I draw inspiration from interesting characters I encounter and ask them to curate their ideal final meal before death. The curated meals are transformed into poignant still lifes of indulgent tablescapes capturing a ceremonial moment at the finality of one’s life. Exploring the spoils of indulgence and the nourishment of moderation throughout one's life, these isolated yet elaborate scenes nod to the inherent dichotomy of life and death. In both composition and subject matter I navigate the boundaries between life and death,  indulgence and moderation, celebration and reflection –  and the magic in between.

Through my ongoing series, "Newspaper Petals," I embark on a transformative journey where digitally archived news media becomes the raw material for artistic expression. My specific focus of this series is on newspapers of the past. I sourced hundreds of archived clippings of newspapers from cities, towns, and communities across the country, spanning decades from the early 1900’s to the present. The survey explores the evolution of the news media climate and the effects of global, national, state, and local happenings seep into the culture of the same place over time.





2013 | The University of Texas at Austin | Bachelor of Science in Visual Marketing


2015 | Southwest School of Art and Craft | Postgraduate painting and mixed media courses


2024 | School of The Art Institute of Chicago | Courses for a Certificate in Painting




2023 | Collage / Assemblage: Beautiful and Strange Fragmentation, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL


2024 | 40th Annual Juried Exhibition, Houston Visual Arts Alliance, Jung Center, Houston, TX


2024 | Verde Variants, Juried Exhibition, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, IL




2024 | New Visionary Magazine, Volume 10




2024 | Honorable Mention,  40th Annual Juried Exhibition, Houston Visual Arts Alliance

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